DIY Gary Vaynerchuk E-Mail Filter

Have you ever emailed Gary Vaynerchuk? We exchange a fair amount of emails and every time I email him, I get this auto-responder back:

Hey, here’s a link that will explain everything!


Thank you
Gary Vaynerchuk 

It turns out that link has never explained anything and I asked him to remove me from his diss-list, but I just kept getting them. 

So back in June, I decided to take matters into my own hands to resolve the issue and came up with a method that works quite nicely. So I thought would share my experiences here with others who may suffer from the same problem.

For a good way to manage your email with Gary V., just create a filter in your mail program to let Gary know how you would feel about seeing his auto emails (I say “would” as in past-tense because soon you wont be seeing them any more).

Below, you can see I have used Apple Mail to set up a complex filter that engages in a series of consecutive causal events. First and foremost the email must be clearly distinguished from other emails that may cary the same identity. I immediately noticed a pattern in the subject line: “Thanks for the email click the link”

Once the offensive, cold and brute email was identified, I called up another action to get the email immediately into the trash before considering another step. If all else fails, at least I have the peace of mind to know that the terrible and brash circumstance is now over.

While most people would probably not prefer this next step, I chose to hear the sound of a blow, just so I know.

Then I set up my mail filter to return an email back to Gary which I consider to be somewhat of a good samaritan type of measure so that Gary can truely understand the significance of his email auto-responder.

Kenyatta on the other hand has gone totally nuts:

Gary, if you’re watching this…. from yatta on Vimeo.


Gary’s Out Of Office Reply from Rex Sorgatz on Vimeo


Yo Gary V, if you’re watching this video…from Drew O.