Video FIle Format Evolution on Rocketboom

Jamie was doing some site upgrades and sent over this list to reminisce:

  • MPEG4 Quicktime in Oct 2004
  • WMV in Nov 2004
  • 3gp in May 2005
  • MPEG2 for TiVo in Dec 2005
  • MP4 for PSP in Feb 2006
  • WMV-hi res in Feb 2006
  • iHD in July 2007
  • Flash in Sept 2007
  • 3gp small  Feb 2008

Interesting how late the Flash intergaration was. When RB started in 2004, flash was being used by the MSM sites but it was not working at all for most people. It took forever to buffer and browser plugins often did not sync-up. Meanwhile the size was usually about 80 x 240.

Real player was kind of the go-to name but was clunky, buggy and also considered by many to be very aggressive malware. 

We just added a new file last week that we upload each day which is a private 1080i master compressed with H.264 at a whopping 10,000 kb/sec.