Working towards a thorough definition of the word ‘Meme’

I’ve been interested in a definition for the word meme. It’s practical to have one to state for the sake of conversation and continue on, though it should at least be formed to fit without a conflict for physics and philosophy. So far the throw-around versions used today are prone to all kinds of arguments. To say the least, there isn’t much related to the definition of the word meme beyond its use in the field of biology. I found OpenAI’s ChatGPT useful in this case to help with clarifying and expanding on expressing the components of memes, both in


The Artist, The City, The Framer, And Their Lovers

My favorite contemporary artist across all of the visual arts is Banksy. When he came to New York City on a painting spree, he hit a garage door across the street from my studio in Chelsea which I documented. I’ve never been involved myself in using any kind of ink or paint in public but I get a lot from it as an effected viewer. In Boulder, my favorite artist is Smile. Banksy and Smile each have their own beautiful style and message. I’ve given a lot of thought to why I like their work so much. It’s outstanding with technique and


DALL·E is the first darling of Web 3.0, The Semantic Web

Web 1.0 established the online shopping cart. Web 2.0 democratized media. Now alive and just over the tipping point, with Stable Diffusion, Dall·E from OpenAI is the first semantic darling of Web 3.0. Winding down rapidly in effect, web3 (not Web 3.0) was something and there is something to talk about with a decentralized infrastructure which is useful, and in the long run, could lead to its greatest potential realized in the form of a global currency. A global currency levels the playing field for people stuck in economies based on their own locked-in government’s health performance and it’s not


The Pearl Street Mall, West End

An expression of ideas for the new Pearl Street Mall, West End, created with DALLE-2 I am grateful to be able to live in Boulder, Colorado with all of the thought that goes into making it so wonderful. In an effort to further that direction I put together this document to promote the extension of the walking mall which includes laying bricks between 9th and 11th, and a section of 10th between Pearl and Spruce. In my position, while closing a street on a weekend for an event such as a crafts market or a NYC-style street fair is great


The Philosophy of Memes

It’s an obvious class, starts with 101, ends with 420. In this case, it happened in a bar, so to speak, where it’s known philosophers open up and say what they REALLY mean. So I was pleased to partake in a Shirley Temple (sorry, beer and liquor just tastes bad and makes me throw up) while prodding three philosophers on memetics, for their philosophy in a bar podcast, Hotel Bar Sessions, Episode 64: Memes With our special guest, Andrew Baron (creator of Rocketboom and KnowYourMeme), we also investigate what, if anything, distinguishes an “internet meme” from other kinds of memes, and how internet memes may


Internet Meme History

The Root of Disinformation at the Center of Meme Culture There was an article that came out a few years ago at The Verge that I didn’t get an opportunity to formally respond to about the history of Know Your Meme. I was contacted by the writer, Kaitlyn Tiffany, a few hours before the article was published and after it had already been written. The story was a long exposé that took weeks to put together and, in part, was meant to shine a light on certain strikingly large and obvious events that occurred surrounding the departure of Kenyatta Cheese,


On Humanwire

The idea for Humanwire came to me like an epiphany one day while walking on the boardwalk in Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon is a small country on the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by Syria and Israel. It’s famous for being “in the middle” of the wars of others. My wife was from Lebanon and her entire family is of Syrian descent. Thus my son is half-Syrian and we visited the region regularly.


Opening Up Media

This audio is about how and why Rocketboom came to be. It did not come along for any business, or famo, it was designed to help usher in the democratization of the moving image. Austin 1990 – 2000 Ellen Bartel, Allison Defrees, Luke Savisky, Steve Moore, Movemnets Gallery, Orchestra on film performance (Century Plant), See Also: Graham Reynolds (Golden Arm Trio), Sxip Shirey New York City 2000-2003 Parsons School of Design and Technology, NYC Subway Machine, Daniel Rozen, Bitforms, Zack Lieberman, Golan Levin, Elevator Box Internet 1997 – 2003 Napster,, BoingBoing, Dave Winer, RSS, Ev Williams,, First University