Dr. Horrible – Hollywood’s First Title?

In giving an overview of festivities last week at the San Diego Comic-con, Joshua Cohen over at Tilzy.TV pointed out the good news that Dr. Horrible has scheduled a sequel. Still trying to get to the bottom of the history of the people behind this (I’m kinda out of the loop here because this is coming out of a Hollywood traditon), I’ve found most people know Josh Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I saw this once before and have to say it was really cheesy but I think that’s why people like it so much?

Anyway, even without knowing all of this, the other day I sent out a tweet asking people to tweet me back with their favorite new shows and several people responded with Dr. Horrible. I went right over to check it out and it was REALLY AWESOME, a rare gem in the ruff.

After just 5 seconds including the introduction, and by the time I saw the main character laughing, it was clear that this group was on to something that would really work and I think it did.

When I was reading Josh’s Tilzy.TV post, I found he articulated an historical moment:

“Marshall Herskovitz’s Quaterlife was supposed to be the internet’s first blockbuster, but then people watched the show and things didn’t exactly go as planned. Now, thanks to Whedon’s talent, connections, financial resources, and obsessive fan base, it looks like Dr. Horrible will claim the title. Those same attributes will also lead to more hits from Whedon and inspire Old Hollywood elites in similar positions to give the web a serious look.”


(*noticing also that Techcrunch is reporting today that Dr. Horrible is the first group on Hulu to allow international embeds. Ive written several times before about how much it hurts everyone to be so nationalistic).