YouTube Streams

A heafty new feature from YouTube that has just been released with out a press release (according to Chris Pirillo, its been out for some time but I just checked again and have not seen any blog posts or news articles about it). The feature allows you to create a stream – a playlist of prerecorded videos, and includes a real-time chat feature. As of now, you need to have an account to use this section of the site and the load only holds so many people. So far, I have not been able to create a stream because “the maxium number of streams has been reached” and some rooms are full.

From the YT page at http://www.youtube.com/streams_main :
“Ever wanted share YouTube with other people in real-time? We’re willing to bet you’ve already been doing that, so now we’re making it easier. With Streams, you can create a YouTube room to watch and interact with other users while sharing videos. Everyone in the room can add videos from their Favorites, QuickList, or by pasting in links, and make a running commentary as the videos play.”

Main Page for Streams:

Each time you enter a stream, you are presented with a user generated message in the form of a pop-up box:

Example of a Stream created by user sunnyx97:

I didnt even see Charlie the Unicorn in the playlist when I asked if this was the right place. I could feel it in the room:

Welcome message from YouTube on Streams:

I havent been able to create a page yet, the system is too busy: