Rocketboom Ranked A Fastest Growing Video Startup

Rocketboom makes the Compete list for Fastest Growing Video Startups – 02/07 to 02/08.


And my oh my do I have a story to tell on how we have been able to do this with what relatively few resources we have. The main area of growth over the last year has been building a true dream team staff. Its almost all in the people.

What more, off-site distribution for Rocketboom is very deep now and continues to grow. This obviously leads to on-site growth. I predict we’ll actually see a slight dip over the next two months on our compete graph due to our internal plans and then we are going to really rocket on up and outta here.

A small note of optimism to boot: If you are into interface design and site optimization standards, you’ll notice that the Rocketboom website has one of the worst bounce rates around – most people land on a page and are never able to find anything else we do or have done – we have only upwards to go in this department.

Having a good today aside from the Compete news. Citings in NYTimes Magazine, NYTimes Blog and Techcrunch. Still most excited to have a video linked from Boingboing, my still-yet (and probably forever) favorite blog online.  

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