Windows Vista: A Present


At first I thought it was one the 200 daily spam mails, the subject of this one read “Windows Vista: A Present”.

After glancing the body, I noticed the word Rocketboom and looking a little closer, the email said “I wanted to give you a heads up that Microsoft has sent you a laptop with Windows Vista for your use, no strings attached.. . .The laptop was sent to Rocketboom’s mailing address.”

When I noticed the “no strings attached” part, I knew something was up. The email was sent from Edelman, and then a followup email confirmed that the laptop had already been sent. That is, in fact it is true, they really did just send us a laptop.

When I mentioned this to Joanne she said “Shall we start dissing other companies too and see if they respond with freebees?”

Quite the olive branch, thanks guys. I’ll post again when the computer arrives.