Abbey Corps


One thing that I kind of like about Rocketboom is that I have never
done any press releases. I also dont have an email list; Until now, I’ve always
just fielded the incoming. I’m not against that kind of outreach, it’s just
interesting that there has never been any.

Well all of that is about to change.

I’m going to post some news on my blog! ?

I’ll post it in pieces over the next several days. I’m calling it
blog post suspense.

And so, since Rocketboom began, the biggest most important step of my
independent career has been made.

Clue #1
Jeff Pulver and I have co-founded a new studio network.

And so begins Abbey Corps.

My next clue will reveal which other shows are a part of the studio
and then I will go on to explain why I believe it’s a much better business than
Podshow or Podtech.

Onward and Upward.