Twitter Down Art Collection

Alot of people are talking about Twitter being down.

I have recently called for Twitter to decentralize, I believe the features of Twitter can be covered by Tumblr, and now I realize that I’m a dedicated Twitter user and plan on staying that way. I cant explain all of the reasons why, but I am sure that its really great and I love it.

So I thought it was a great time to finally bust out my Twitter 404 Art Collection that I have been working on for almost a year. I hope you enjoy it, please send me any screen-caps of official Twitter down designs you have come across and look for a Twitter Down Art meet-up here in NYC in coming months.

Improvement soon message:

Improved Message:

Using the cute:


Lost Connection:


Upgrading (variation):

Uncertain technical problem:

Temporary Downtime

Scheduled Downtime (variation on Temporary Downtime)

The Existential:

Totally Stressing out a bit. Submitted by Britney Mason:

Overflow, shutting down for the night:

Something Went Wrong:

Something Went Wrong (variation):

Down for Database Replication Catchup:

Over Capacity (variation):

I think this one is inadvertent:

Some experts suggest this work may not be authentic:

Server Not Responding:

Ice Cream Cone Chills With Twitter Worm:

Added, 2010:
Animated Fail Whale created completely in CSS:

From Subcide

BP Fail Whale:

Updated July 11, 2019:

(S)he’s back. Less faded than before, and almost no padding on top. Noted: Most of the down messages from the early days above show each message is in a speech-bubble, being said by the twitter logo, or, what twitter has to say itself. No longer.