Global Internet Disruption? Easy

For the last several days I’ve been researching the main internet sub cables wondering what could of possibly led to all the breakage (explained visually today on Rocketboom):


Now I understand how easy it is to knock out the Internet. 

What’s interesting is that no authorities are talking about it and the domain, so to speak, belongs to private business.

As Nicholas Carr noticed, it’s really a very vulnerable system.

While traffic was clogged mostly for the Middle East and India, I was following the global Internet traffic reports and Iran was the one country that had zero throughput, all weekend long.

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists in the world and I’m not one of them. With regards to this event? It seems like there is really no other way of understanding the cause of the breaks without first assuming that they were intentional.

While it’s an interesting mystery and I’d love to know who cut the cables, more interesting to me is what I leaned about the vulnerability of the the main arteries of the internet. Speaking of decentralization, I think we are in need of more mesh