TeXtra’s Natali Del Conte Leaves Podshow For CNET TV

Congrats to Natali Del Conte for making a move from Podshow to CNET TV and moving to New York.

Sarah is a big fan of Natali and introduced me to her show a few months ago – I met Natali a few weeks ago on a Cranky Geeks show.

This is simultaneously bad news for Podshow because it’s a big loss. Techcrunch is reporting that they may be out of money as well. This comes from rumors in the investor community that the company is seeking additional funding.

I have been saying it for awhile now, I’m really surprised at the amounts of money these companies are spending for the small amount of traction they are gaining and losing.

Web 2.0 is mostly dependent on the platforms to support the content, not the content itself. For the studios and labels, if the content is not there, there is no sustainability.