A Flop? Must Read Story on the numbers of Quarterlife

This story was under-seen but its a big one:

Newteevee rounded up the public figures for Quarterlife and its not looking very good. I have heard accounts that they spend between $300k and $400k per episode. The Quarterlife business may have made it out of the red with a recent TV distribution deal, but the content does not seem to be striking a chord.

Here are the view counts. They are very impressive counts
(being featured on the front page of YouTube and Myspace can do wonders for counts) though there is a drastic downward trend. Extremely drastic for a show with this much momentum and high expectations.

I might add that there is not much action at all on the MySpace friend list and only a comment or two per day. This is strange for a show built to target the MySpace audience as the prime focus.

Industry example or obnoxious misunderstanding? Im not willing to write off Quaterlife just yet, they should gain online audience from the promotion of airing on TV. Lukily the show was made for TV.

More to come on why Hollywood still isn’t getting it…