Branching Out with Blip


Today is a benchmark day for us at Rocketboom as we release the merits of a great new effort with blip.tv. Together we’ve integrated our systems to demonstrate a flexible model for distribution, sponsorship and advertising.

At Rocketboom, earlier this year, we designed a sponsorship model so far culminating in a week-long sponsorship by Real Player and a rev-share deal with YouTube.

I personally love our sponsorship model and consider it to be hardly invasive (you can expect to see more of these from us throughout 2008). It’s also a great system because we burn the sponsorship message into our master file and thus distribute it across all platforms. Not just one flash file, but all of our files, everywhere (e.g. the sponsorship message travels through our own site, iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, TiVo, etc.).

Now blip takes us further with the additional ability to serve interactive, post-roll ads and collapsable overlays in flash AND Quicktime files. After talking with Apple, we believe this is the first time anyone has used Quicktime to serve overlay ads. Our daily publishing method now incorporates this dynamic serving in perfect sync with our hard burning.

Blip brokered the sponsorship (many more to come) and has integrated their run-of-site framework into our site for extra coverage between sponsor runs. This gives us the ultimate flexibility to manage multiple sales of various types at the same time.

The blip folks are some of the brightest and smartest people in this space so its been a real pleasure to finally come together. Thanks especially to Mike and Dina for maintaining such strong passion and good will. On our side, I want to give a big thanks to the Rocketboom team, especially Mark Mathewson and Jamie Wilkinson whose persistence saw this project through.

Check out Mike’s post here.

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