Trent Reznor: Why won’t people pay $5?

There is an update to my last post on Trent Reznor’s online record sales experiment: He appears to be disappointed that more people did not buy the record and asks why.

I would suggest its simply because he offered the album for free at the same time.

Most people dont give a single cent towards high-end audiophile sound, there is no reason – they have crappy earphones and use MP3 players with bad signal-to-noise ratios.

I would suggest offering the cheaper version for $3 and the high bitrate version for $5. Or how about sell it for $5 and give it away for free one month later?

 Or,  how about consider that a) not very many people liked the music since not that many people d/l it and b) it was a good percentage of buy-in.

 So in this case, the answer may be that the album didnt knock off any sox.