TiVo to open up to all RSS Feeds, finally!

Podcasting News reports, "The new feature, announced Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show, will let users apply their “Season Pass” recording capabilities to video content available via RSS feeds. Users would need to use TiVo’s software on PCs for the feature, though TiVo said it will provide a guide within its TV-based menu system to record select Web video sources as well.“  

Scheduled to launch in March, this means that content creators have about a month and a half to figure out the technical details including the right kind of filetype and feed. The people who do decide to figure it out BEFORE TiVo unleashes this feature, will likely be in a TINY minority. Thus, it could be a great opportunity to try and stick out from the pack.

Remember when iTunes first came out with video podcasts? There was so little content in the directory, most of the people involved saw a great uptake.

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