The Apple TV

Apple TV

There is an interesting story here that almost EVERYONE may be sleeping through. Note the headline, for instance, “Rumored Apple Tablet is a Train Wreck” direct from PC World which states, as a matter of fact, that the “Apple Tablet” is a train wreck. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is the most unimaginative “commentary” one could ever not ask for.

I haven’t heard anyone nail where the Apple screen fits in. If you think about the missing link right now – and its a big one – its the “TV”.

The TV set is something that is in the midst of an identity crisis. There will always be a need for a large screen so the family can sit around and watch together, but there is a much more progressive method for viewing media these days – it’s called a computer. And the computer is missing a link to the old TV screen, an easy link to make, however.

Instead of trying to imagine what people already imagined years ago with a “tablet”, consider this screen as a portable TV. You could set it on your counter in your kitchen and watch a movie while you cook, you could watch it with a friend on the couch, you could watch TV in bed, on a plane, in a car – its a TV set, I assume. But of course it does all this other stuff too.

And before you stop right there and complain about how a small 10" screen will not suffice for your viewing pleasures, just remember that the size of the screen can get bigger with future generations. When I think about the possibility of this new touch screen, I think of a full screen, HD, Apple TV/Media player.