Tex-Mex in NYC, Not so Much

Im from Austin and LIVED on TexMex (esp. Migas) and have found it difficult to find good TexMex in Manhattan. I could never understand why because it seems in theory like it would be easy enough to take a couple of good Mexican food cooks and transplant them to Manhattan.

But then I heard a really compelling theory which to this day remains my explanation for why its so difficult to get the taste right:

The Water.

Imagine how influential the actual taste of the water may be when it plays such a large roll in cooking the beans and the rice. Because the water tastes so different in Austin compared to NYC, for instance, this may have a lot to do with it. Similarly, I notice the water in LA, which tastes a lot like Wine, may in fact play a large roll in the unique Chimichanga taste you get in Southern California that is also virtually absent here.

I’m a firm believer that NYC has everything so I optimistically continue to keep my eyes open.