Sony CEO Howard Stringer Talks Global Markets on Charlie Rose

I was so glad to find this *super* interview on Charlie Rose with the CEO of Sony, Howard Stringer. They begin by discussing the international markets and Stringer gives a very articulate perception of the effects of the economic meltdown on a global scale. 

The interview goes on to cover Sony and where we are headed (<-pretty awesome to say ‘we’ as Rocketboom and Sony are partners now). The movie industry and gaming industries are two major strong arms in a recession. The Playstation Network is explained way beyond gaming as a centerpiece for connecting & downloading movies, games, TV programming, music, pics and other media to phones, TV’s and other portables like the PSP and non-Sony devices like the iPhone. Apparent in the interview, Stringer has a great deal of respect for Steve Jobs and Apple.

There is also reference to Crackle but you’ll notice he quickly avoids the topic as the platform is in a stealthy mode right at the moment.

Sony owned OLED screen technology which is way brighter, more energy efficient, and paper thin is expected to be a major part of some of the big things to come.

Even if you are not interested in Sony’s business, Stringers thoughts on the economy are well worth a listen: