ROFL Live in NYC


Im pretty excited about this. It’s called ROFL. It’s kinda like a live, non-screen based version of screen-based internet media. In competition form. At a really cool venue:

Info below from the ROFL website:

Friday June 22
11:30 PM
Joe’s Pub (this is a major theater near Astor)

Featuring web art, presentations and
“teh funney” from

Josh Fruhlinger of Comics Curmudgeon and Wonkette

Cintra Wilson of Salon and Dregublog

Joe Garden of The Onion
(the voice of Jim Anchower and Jackie Harvey),
Vote Joe Garden! and Monkeywire

Michelle Collins of You Can’t Make It Up and
VH1’s Best Week Ever

Andrew Baron, creator and producer of Rocketboom

Marisa Olson, artist / editor / curator of Rhizome.org

Stu VanAirsdale of The Reeler

Charles Broskoski of Supercentral

ROFL is the very best of the internet, lovingly hand-picked by eight of America’s most-respected blogger types for maximum freshness and optimum awesomeness.

ROFL is high art, low humor, YouTube video, Myspace weirdness, flash animation, web memes, conceptual puzzles, original film and non-sequiturs galore.

ROFL is a gong show for the new millennium.

ROFL puts the “hyper” in hypertext, the “interest” in internets, the “blow” in weblog… or possibly the “glob”.

ROFL is twelve bucks to get out of the house and meet people who are even more web-obsessed than you are!

Hosted by the ever-pithy Slovin and Allen (Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Saturday Night Live) and featuring live improvisation from avant-garde oddball Reggie Watts, ROFL promises to be the finest internet variety show you’ve ever drunkenly laughed yourself sick to.

SEE! Eight bloggers enter with their finest internet finds and online creations… but only 1.0 will exit with the kind of digital hipster cred that can’t be bought by PayPal!

SCREAM! Your applause will mercilessly separate digital wheat from the GIGO chaff as the eight blogger bracket is winnowed down to the ultimate dorko-el-dorko match.

COVET! As the winner makes off with a kingly $150 grand prize!

MOCK! As the losers run home PWND and sobbing.

OGLE IN DISBELIEF At the astonishing lineup of writers, producers, programmers and curators we’ve assembled from the fields of journalism, business, comedy, art and television. It’s multidisciplineat-o!

REMEMBER! There’s only room on the ROFLcopter for a few… so get your tickets early.

Presented with The Onion and Paper Thin Walls

Additional production provided by John Seroff of The Tofu Hut, Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City and Jon Williams of Wizard Is Hungry

More information on licorice can be found on the internet.

OMG, so WTF is ROFL?