Rocketboom on the iPhone


Today we release our first application significant more so as a sign of whats to come from within our group:

If you have an iPhone, just navigate to this link:

Here is a demo of what it should look like(video flip not in demo):

Considering we have never even tested it on an iPhone, we still have some work to do this weekend Im sure just to get v0.1 up to par.

This application is outstanding for us not because it’s designed as yet another standalone Rocketboom player, but due to our primary intent to make it available as a player that anyone can easily customize for their own show.

There have been lots of things I’ve built for Rocketboom over the years, but Ive never had the resources to do anything with them or take them to the next level. I always wanted to for even more ideas come up than I could ever take action on.

Enter our superstar programmer Jamie Wilkinson who has been a saving grace the last few months. When we decided to take on this particular project about 3 days ago, Jamie put it together almost overnight. This weekend we’ll test and spiffy up the player (still dedicated for Rocketboom) and next week, once we have a grip on the iphone standards, we hope to release the custom functionality so anyone can use it for their own show, or their own favorite shows.

I’ve always been really transparent about everything because I still dont believe in competition for the show, Rocketboom, but this is for a new business (along with RB and other shows in development) so the plan is to keep our other ideas under wraps until they are up. Nevertheless, we plan to work mostly within a GPL when spinning things off.