Rocketboom Enters Year 4


What an incredibly interesting time this is. Rocketboom is entering into it’s 4th year today. I’m reminded of my favorite spacecraft, the Hubble. Nobody really knows what we will see with it, but we have a direction and we are going strong. The spirit is exploration and the foundation is our own human limits and the freedom to do so. That’s the main theme that gets me excited everyday.

The best things that came out of our 3rd year:

(1) Not “building another network”. We’ve seen alot of the popular content startups turn into networks of shows and I continue to be critical of them for operating like old record labels. There is a better way to grow a brand of content for the long term. I can’t believe how much money some of them have burnt through.

(2) Got the back-end shop together – payroll/workman’s comp, bookkeeping, advertising, legal (Amanda Congdon no longer has any interest in the business – I continue to wish her well and hope that she fares well in the future), accounting – an auditor could walk in right now and ask for everything down to the receipt for the last 3 years and we would smile and hand them everything. And yet we are still cost efficient.

(3) Rocketboom has also been working with CAA and we are very happy about the alliance.

The greatest asset we have at Rocketboom is our exceptionally creative and dedicated team. All together we continue to create a positive impact (I hope), we have kept costs really low which exhibits the message and the dream of our platform, we have maintained a strong independent nature with an international flair and we have big dreams for the future.