Replaced, Not Erased

2008: The Year of Decentralization or a change in Terms for Profile Data?

Robert Scoble brings up a good point but people need to use more street smarts when dealing with business online. My favorite big sites are YouTube and Flickr. I store *my* content on *their* sites. If YouTube or Flickr shut down my account, I will not be erased. Thats because, ladies and gentlemen, I keep a master copy of my data myself.

‘Not sure why that sounds like a crazy idea but it’s the same thing with all of my Gmail. I consider my email history to be very important to me and I keep a copy on my computer and another on a backup harddrive in a storage unit. 

So you have a lot of data on Facebook that you want? Better make sure you keep a copy yourself. ‘Might want to make a backup too.