Podshow < Mevio

Podshow changes it’s name to Mevio, not Meivo.

I’ve always been disenchanted with this network and have said enough already so I’m not going to bring up the three outstanding cease and desist letters Ive sent to the company asking them to stop redistributing Rocketboom (especially as they do it with ads) but I would like to throw in a word of support for two awesome shows which in my opinion are the only reason why the network is even relevant, Dawn and Drew and GeekBreif.

Do you listen to Dawn and Drew? I consider them to be the first to successfully embrace the new medium of Podcasting. I’m not suggesting they were the first podcasters of course but I consider them the first *people* I came across, uninhibited by technology, money, and locale to captivate an audience online. If you didn’t experience it at the time, it would be difficult to understand that what they did was radical. A young liberal-minded, extremely fowl mouthed couple out on a farm in the middle of nowhere America, demonstrated the boundaries and implications of the anyone-can-take-hold-of-the-radio message with every word they spoke. Everyday they consistently released a new episode, you could just see everyone in gray pants at the National Association of Broadcasters convention fade before your eyes – still yet unbeknownst to most of them.