One Web Day – Do Something!

Today for One Web Day I was encouraging people to do something valuable with their time to help keep the internet free. I wasn’t demanding it, I was just trying to inspire people to appreciate what we have and help to protect it. Jonathan Zittrain is a lawyer who has done some wonderful things in the past except for today when he decided to refute my entire presentation and then diverted the spirit and essence of my point to prove his. After seemingly destroying me, he went on to conclude that he appreciates all the “crap” out there. I appreciate that there is crap out there – I appreciate the freedom which was his point too – and I’d also like to see better which was my point. I’m glad everyone can relax and LOL whenever they want but I become disappointed when I see bright minds spending all of their time online with zombie bites and superpokes. The point I made (inspired by Tim O’reilly at his 2.0 conference) is that we can do more. In order to protect the freedom of the web in particular, we must continue to take action.

*update: It seems as though Nacy Scola from TechPresident picked up on this as well.