New Revision3 Show Faulty

I just wrote a long email to the Revision3 folks to tell them privately the extent of my feelings about their content offerings and especially their latest show, The Digg Reel.

This show is designed to give a rundown of the top videos on Digg and is meant to appeal to the people who use Digg, as well as represent Digg to the outside world. 

Clearly the best place to gauge the success of the show then is via the feedback of the Digg community. Not me, not the producers – no one will be able to determine if this show works better than the audience it is meant to target and represent. Unfortunately, it’s thus clear that the show did not work, as a matter of fact. 

Consider the audience response from the debut article:

The Digg Reel Episode 1 – The Big Digg Debut – Description: Welcome to the very first episode of the Digg Reel! We’ve taken the best and highest rated user submissions from the video section of Digg.com and put it all together for you to enjoy. So sit back, press play and get ready to roll The Digg Reel.

# of Positive Comments: 0 out of 195

# of Negative Comments: 195 out of 195

Not even Mom came out in support of this one. My email into the network wasn’t a rag, I wanted to help illuminate this point because I believe in the spirit of the company. Diggnation is 100% awesome in my mind; I have zero criticism for the entire effort and you may know that’s rare to nonexistent for me to say. The next step is to understand the audience that they already have better (as apparent in the comments left by the Digg audience). I’m very optimistic for the company still, they have so much going for them in terms of resources and good will.