NBC On It’s Way to Becoming Smaller

According to FT, NBC’s Jeff Zucker is making big changes at the TV studio including getting rid of pilot season and up-fronts. While I agree this is a very good idea, I would suggest this is not a result of any clever thinking at NBC.

This is a result of not having any content to sell this upfront season (Duh?) The writers strike has now completely ruined any expectations the studios may have for securing the rest of the year so it’s going to be VERY interesting to see where all that business goes. 

Exactly one month ago, I wrote:

“If you attended the 2007 ad buyers week where the TV studios rolled out the red carpet for the ad buying industry with the cheesiest shenanigan of a show and dance, playing the role of middle people who make the connections between things like Lost and Coke, thats what it all comes down to. The network simply manages that connection, themselves a middle person. When a business has an opportunity to grow and improve, this type of position is the first to go.”


“Perhaps the greatest threat of all is the possibility that the Writers Strike will drag on through January and February, causing the TV stations to have almost nothing in store to sell for fresh content at the 2008 upfront season.”

In relationship to todays story about Zucker,  he is also now saying he and Steve Jobs are basically BFF. This might have something to do with his expectations for the future of Hulu (I still dont understand how Hulu will ever work).