More Videoblogging

That is, more blogging about video to come. I’ve been so busy writing for Rocketboom, and also microblogging with Twitter and Friendfeed, blogging has taken the brunt. Unfortunately, from where I left off long ago, the independent spirit of the independent online video medium is losing it’s way. The environment has changed drastically over the last couple of years. The word “vlog” is as dead as doornail. Most independents are not making it with $. Madison avenue is in turmoil. So many people who try to create content are not creating a spark in audiences. International work is almost ignored in the US. Some of greatest content on YouTube will never be seen, the indie networks are not offering enough for most of the artists and work force they employ and awesome new content offerings are far and few between.

I’ve stood by no less guilty, silent. In many ways, tethered. No more, I have so much to say, I’m going to get it all out here. I’ll do my best to remain focused on the important topics, give you my critical opinion, and I’m going to try my best to be much more prolific. 

As I have recently said, Rocketboom just got over our biggest hump ever. We have had an amazing time experimenting with adverting and alternative methods of generating revenue and as of a couple of weeks ago, we engaged in an incredibly awesome relationship that assures our sustainability and gives us a chance to grow. I’m SO READY to get the details of this news out to you and start talking about it because I believe its an unprecedented deal for a business like Rocketboom and stands to open up a lot of discussion.

Until then and after, I have plenty to elaborate on here with the above statements and plenty more… this weblog to be revived, coming now to a feed near you.