Magma to Tumblr: Can you hear me? Tumblr: Copy.

Magma now supports full integration with Tumblr!  When adding videos to your Magma account you can automatically cross-post toTwitter, Facebook and now Tumblr simultaneously, with support for any of your Tumblr blogs, including group blogs.

We are excited to announce a few other new features too:

New Add to Channel Interface

We’ve also redesigned the channel video add experience, making it easier to see and customize the videos as you add them to your channel.

Customizable Share Message

Based on your feedback, you can now also customize the share message each time you add a video.

Explainer Video

The Magma user base has been growing rapidly over the last month, if you haven’t seen the Magma explainer video, have a look at http://mag.ma/211919

An extra special thanks to our lead developer Jamie Wilkinson and to head designer Greg Leuch for their extra hard work in building and operating the Magma platform.