‘Just got off the phone with Podtech – It’s a shitbag salad over there . . . Scoble’s out’

Oh Lordie. So Robert Scoble announced that he would announce announcing his move to Fast Company today. This will be great for said company, and great for Robert, congrats!

Where does this leave Podtech? Without a face. We have not heard from Podtech publicly since before the news of Roberts departure last month. The last words I heard about the company being a shitbag salad were not part of an official statement.

While I’m confirming the previous rumor that Podtech is now in fact of the Shitbag Salad variety, Im going to wait and hear what’s planned before committing them to the dead-pool. I have seen the Phoenix rise from the ashes of shitbag salads before, even though I have almost no hope.

As for Robert, Im sure he’ll make it big whatever he does for himself, though can he build a successful video network? [enter dramatic prairie dog music here] If the answer is yes, what happened at Podtech? There is a lot of reasons why we’ll just have to wait and see, especially on the content side of things. I’m optimistic for ScoCo given the established infrastructure at hand.


Robert Scoble – Hopeful, Optimistic
Podtech – Not Hopeful
Fast Company Video Network – Balmy

**Update: Robert makes THE announcement.