JoCo Live


Joanne is hosting a new live streaming show called Hollywood Now. Tonight she is interviewing some of the cast from Heroes, one of the most popular TV shows out there.

For her debut on Monday, Joanne interviewed R&B artist, JoJo and over 5000 people were watching live. I have not heard of another case where this many people were on all at once. Surely there must be some?

I was in one room that had a full 500 people in it and the chat was insane. As soon as I typed in the word “Hi everybody” it scrolled off the page before I could even read it.

There was an incredible moment where JoJo was singing a chorus “Yea, Yeah, Yeah” and then sang: “Everybody sing with me, Yeah, Yeah, Yea.. . .”

Everyone was entering in “yeah yeah yeah” in the chat – it was a hyper crazy collaborative experience that actually worked. Thousand of yeah’s scrolling to the live music. Pretty cool.

First time? You should give yourself a good 15 or 20 minutes to get the PalTalk player installed and find the room. Not an easy task, but well worth it in this case.

Next week she’ll be interviewing cast from Entourage.
Tonight and every Wednesday at 8pm ET – Link.