Ins and Outs


There is a new article in the LA-Times this weekend on the tired issue of Amanda leaving Rocketboom. The article was scheduled to run in 2006 and I appreciate Rushfield’s attempt to assess the situation. It’s still not quite what I was hoping for but . . . I left all of this behind. I said it was over then and the commitment stands. By now, I wish Amanda well and hope she is happy.

In other news of my past, I sat down with my accountant last week (I’m trying to get used to the fact that I actually have an accountant!), and for the entire period of 2006, I managed to bring in $247,412 via Rocketboom. $210k of that was in advertising and licensing and the rest was mostly from consulting and merchandising. I realize its unusual to report this kind of information and I may not have the luxury of doing so in the future (and may not even want to myself) but I’m hoping to emphasize the point while I can – a point that I have often tried to make – which is that you can do this. Considering that I had almost no business experience when I started (yet just enough to know I would need to bring on a business partner), most of the incoming potential was never even realized and fell into the pending issue folders due to the lack of having the resources or know-how to accommodate all of it, the production became unstable half way through the year and then went into the dreaded mode of “sustaining” for many months (where over 6 months elapsed just keeping afloat with no innovation which is where I am today – Joanne and I are only now about to roll out what is essentially an RB 3.0) and then finishing off the year with the absolute best possible scenario with regards to Abbey, all-in-all, its carpe diem folks.

The ballpark is still wide open. If you have tasteful content that people respond to and half a business mind, you should be fairing at least this well.