Holiday Production Mandate for Online Content Creators

I got an email from Xeni over at BoingBoing the other day inquiring about holiday expectations for Podcasters. Luckily, there are no expectations for Podcasters so this applies to the holidays as well. 😉

Though I would recommend to all indi content creators, if you can keep it going, do it. While the rest of the world is winding down for the holidays, activity goes way up for online viewing.

There are also many fewer updates from the typical news and blog outlets so it’s easy to stand out with fresh, updated content.

This happened to us the last 3 years in a row – traffic went way up in the second half of December.

Just think of all those office workers at home with nothing to do but surf and play online. Add a little writers strike into the mix for rerun TV this season to expect even more viewers online.

Today at Rocketboom, we are finishing up with the next two weeks prerecorded in the can. It’s been a very hectic week but it will be worth it to take a breather from production over the next two weeks, while still staying plugged in.

Between now and the 20th is also a great time to make your press releases.

It may seem counterintuitive, but for online media, a press release during this time frame will likely really stand out and stick with people into the new year. They will more likely remember it next year and apply it to other like-news.

Come January, with CES, MacWorld and a traditional roll-out schedule for new projects all around the world, we’ll be seeing tons of new sites fighting for attention. In particular, this January and February will see a huge number of new main stream media online shows which have been in the works for some time.

It will be very difficult to make an impression in all the noise so get the word out now.

Adding the final reel to the can before a two-week production break at the Rocketboom studios.