Favorite Video of 2009

In 2006 I started a personal tradition of naming my favorite online video each year. Then, it was Weird Al Yankovic’s White and Nerdy, as explicated here. (this became popular on Google Video just before Google bought YouTube).

Unfortunately, I would go on to break my annual tradition each year until today, as I name my favorite video of 2009, JK Wedding Entrance Dance.

The video continues to be enjoyed for all to see freely online due to the binding union YouTube arranged between the music industry and the video owners though the reason why this is my favorite video of the year has everything to do with the emotion it evokes, only possible because it was truly real.

When I think back through every wedding scene I’ve ever seen in the movies, this wedding dance video is in a class of it’s own for provoking the emotions that just simply can not be re-recreated.

The wedding dance video with it’s out-of-sync dancers and shaky lo-res handheld camera footage brings out the real love in the occasion with just the right song, in just the right space and from just the right perspective. This was not a movie where the orchestra swells and the camera pans ideally, this is a slice of reality captured nearly accidentally.

I continue to show the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video to countless people on my iPhone and universally, everyone totally lights up!