English 1050 – Thought & Writing

Google alert! Today we got hit with another school assignment. We usually show up at the beginning of the semester in Journalism class – Is Rocketboom journalism? Tonight, it’s English 1050 and the question is regarding “Fake News”.

This will be an easy one for me but I’ll wait and see what the other students have to say before weighing in. I will note however, in case anyone in particular is listening, “There is a catch.”

The Assignment:
Examine the following two sites:

How do they fit the “Fake News” genre? What does this genre consist of, and what are its parameters? Your assignment is to write a genre description (based on the way the Norton does this) for this particular form. Post this to your blog and then read and comment to at least two group members to see how their responses compared to yours. If there are differences in how members view this genre, are they substantial?