Crisis in Kenya

I spent some time today reading through several Kenyan blogs on the election crisis and have added more resource links to our Wiki. Have you been following the events? Our field correspondent Ruud Elmendorp has been stationed in Nairobi so we have been keeping close tabs on the region. Consider having a look and perhaps contributing in some way. Even just a link from your blog can be really helpful and uplifting for the bloggers there covering the events. Here is a short list of blogs to get you started, please add to the Wiki if you find any more important sites.

Kenyan Blogs

  1. Insight Kenya – Very intense photo documentation.
  2. Kenyan Pundit – Ory Okolloh is a Kenyan who graduated with a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2005. She is currently based in South Africa working as the Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager for Enablis and as a consultant on telecommunications and citizen journalism in Africa.
  3. Funua – Concerned Kenyan – Articles on the aftermath of the 2007 Election.
  4. SIASA DUNI – “Truth comes only to conquer those who have lost the art of recieving it as a friend…”.
  5. What An African Woman Thinks – It’s my window, but I don’t own the view.
  6. Kenyan Diaspora Pro-democracy Movement
  7. South of West – A journalist in Africa.
  8. Kwani Blog