Charlie Sheen Expectations

The interesting thing about Charlie Sheen is not so much that he is crazy, but that he chooses to reveal his craziness so freely. Other movie stars who might be plenty crazy have a different approach to knowing when to show themselves, and when not to. When apart of a major production, for example, the typical movie star can be brilliant for acting a certain way, just as that person is being captured with the right lighting, in a great scene, and when written and directed by a cast of many who can bring that star to light for those critical, designed moments that we see. Think Platoon, one of Charlie Sheen’s finest.

But like most talented people who may perform expertly in their trade (no doubt Charlie Sheen is an excellent actor), it does not follow that because they are a great actor, for example, that they are not miserable at other tasks in other fields.

As a result of such a special effort in design, people who get to know these movie stars, get to know them in this ideal fashion where the music can bring out the beauty and awe in idealities and thus, in a way, such movie stars have that benefit of being perceived as great. And in terms of their talent, they may be. Charlie Sheen was considered by many critics to be “great” by many standards in Platoon.

To this end, traditionally, in order to maintain this aurora of greatness, there becomes this tendency to hide their flaws, craziness and normalities. After all, it’s more valuable to remain perfect, OBVIOUSLY!!!1! People seem to expect it anyway.