Anonymous Protests

Protests against The Church of Scientology were held by Anonymous at 11am this morning in cities and towns around the world, often with hundreds of people per location, and by now, at 6pm ET, they’ve mostly swept the world. Rocketboom correspondents were covering the protests in several cities for our Monday episode and as the footage is rolling in, I’m noticing something very interesting.

Most of the footage reveals there were no main stream media on hand. Did they ignore it? Not understand it? Did they think it wouldn’t happen? The number of people that actually turned up was greater than many other protests that get much wider coverage.

This is also an extremely interesting cultural phenomenon with regards to the real world power of the people of the internet – the proxies you often think might just be bots.

I find it odd that the MSM is that out of touch. This event is hard to miss for anyone who is plugged into online culture. I had a look at Google News and there are no MSM mentions for this event. No CNN, no NYTimes, no nothing but a few blogs and left-wing political papers.