And We’re Off!

Last night we sent out our first batch of invites and the response has been *great* so far (thanks to Techcrunch for posting about it! – Our First Taste Of Magma)

As I noted to those who are using it now, we still have a few weeks of buckeling down to get the site to a state where it’s ready for the public.

I hope to spend more time writing about our experiences with the site before and after launch and will kick things off with a note about the domain name, http://mag.ma

Magma.com turned out to be over $10M so we were were like, nah. Forced to abandon the name or consider other options, we decided Magma was the right name and needed a way. As it turns out consequently, with the domain we ended up with, http://mag.ma we are solving a nice little problem ahead of time; One of the biggest problems with short URLS is that you dont know where they will go. Will this tinyurl http://tinyurl.com/bqqrvx lead you to a news site or a spam site, perhaps? Because mag.ma is so short, its Twitter-friendly anyway, and when you see a mag.ma link, you will at least know where you are going and that it is a video.