2008 Political Season Opens

Today I’ve been looking through some old posts and articles about Rocketboom’s relationship to John Edwards. This follows an active discussion on Dave Winer’s friendfeed. This was a regular talking point to the press and we have also disclosed this before on Rocketboom. Once again the famous question arises: Is Rocketboom journalism?

Nicco Mele from an earlier Dembot post on politics.

With regards to politics, no way in hell. Rocketboom is very biased. Hear that McCain? You are not going to get any fair coverage on Rocketboom. If McCain wins the election, America will be doomed.

What I did disclose is that my interest in politics is not to report on politicians (there is a lot of that already), but to allow them to report themselves. To enable them to use the technology to get out their message. After this devastating blow from the news that John Edwards had an affair and chose to run and hide, my distaste for politics returns.