The Magical, Tragical King Lear

Written by: Shakespeare, adapted by Allison DeFrees
Directed by: Allison DeFrees
Produced by: Vile Jelly Productions
Musical Score by: Andrew Baron

Description: In the swirling strife of life, shouldn’t every family have a theme song? A swan song? A personal fool? Vile Jelly Production’s “The Magical, Tragical King Lear” provides all of that, and much more. Part operetta, part Kabuki theater, part romance, all tragedy (all the time), a panoply of puppets brings you two tyrannous fathers, their children, and a cracked kingdom. Puppets rule, literally.

Performance Dates/Times:

Fri. Jan. 26 @ 10:45 pm, Sat. Jan. 27 @ 8:00 pm, Sat. Feb. 3 @12:00 pm, Sun. Feb. 4 @ 3:15 pm

All tickets are $8

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