The Rick Roll Has Only Just Begun

Re: After YouTube turned every single one of its home page video links into hiddenRick Astley killers, following an LA Times exclusive interview with the contemporary Rick, following a thourogh playing-out online (and off), Rickrolling will now begin to permeate the mainstream contiousness over the next several months, hitting local news tv stations and bingo parlors all accross the world. Look out Amazon, Rick is back (Amazon.com Sales Rank: #1,997 in Music), and gaining.


Yahoo 9 Ends Run

Whew, no offense to anyone there, but Yahoo 9 was really the worst online video show I have ever seen. I couldn’t even bare to write about it before.

Have you ever looked at something and thought to yourself “Hm, that looks kinda cheap and fake”. Even if it was or not? Well I don’t think I have ever been blown away so strong by such a feeling.

Probably the worst quality was that Maria Sansone would always look up at her over the shoulder graphics as if they were there and then she would talk to them. But she was never quite looking in the right direction.