Master of Fine Arts, 2003 Design and Technology, Parsons School of Design, NYC. Completed degree in accelerated time. Dean's Scholarship. Academic Achievement Award for GPA.

B.A. Philosophy, Bates College, ME.


Co-designed curriculum and co-taught Physical Flocking - interpersonal wireless and tactile interface design for Parsons BA and MFADT, NYC. Spring, 2005.

Director of iD Tech Camp, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA. Directed ten instructors and 60 students per week for multimedia, programming and robotics, video game creation, digital video and movie production, web design and graphic arts courses. Summer, 2004.

Co-designed curriculum and co-taught Motion Lab, a graduate collaboration motion capture and motion tracking studio for Parsons MFADT, NYC. 2003-2004.

Designed curriculum and taught High-school Robotics at School of the Future, NYC. Led students to 2nd place in state-wide robotics research competition. 2002-2004.

Designed curriculum and taught Sound Design for Parsons Digital Design Undergraduate Department, NYC. Spring 2003.

Designed curriculum and taught Undergraduate Digital Imaging for New School, NYC. Fall 2002.

Helped design curriculum and taught Bootcamp Design for incoming first year MFADT students, Parsons, NYC. Summer 2002.

Teacher Assistant for graduate Programming and Computation for Parsons MFADT, NYC. Fall 2002.

Physical Computing:

Video Jumper, 2003

The Video Jumper is a four-button, five-bank MIDI foot controller and a Max-patch software application for on-the-fly, hands-free manipulation of video events. With the Video Jumper, a performer or technician can control large scale video projections during musical performances by jumping to predetermined presets with real-time control over in-and-out points for indefinite looping, abandonment, and reselction. The foot pedal enables a live musician to sync a library of video clips to music in real-time. Hardware and software by Andrew Baron.

Elevator Music Box, 2002

When placed inside of an elevator, The Elevator Music Box plays dramatic sound designs based on the direction and altitude of the elevator. When the box detects that the elevator has come to a stop, the music seamlessly jumps to the correct ending for the predesignated section based on altitude. When the elevator resumes, the music begins again with a predesignated start point based on the altitude and direction. The box was first installed and calibrated for 55 W 13th St, New York City which travels from the basement to floor 9. A microprocessor chip is stamped with conditionals to determine the location of the elevator based on barometric pressure and then pulses are sent to trigger an mp3 player which, when amplified, plays out from a complex set of musical relationships to create a dramatic and playful experience for the unassuming passengers. No wires or electronic attachments are required, The Elevator Music Box is isolated and self-sustaining. Hardware, software and music by Andrew Baron

Visual & Performing Arts Gallery:


Movements Gallery, 1997-2000

Co-founded and operated a 2100 sq.ft. visual art gallery/performance space in downtown Austin. Curated and managed over 40 visual art shows and more than 800 performances by local and national artists including theater, music, dance, and performance art productions. Received "Best Of" award by local arts critics for best new multi-purpose space in Austin, TX.

Creative Music for the Arts:

























January, 2002: "MASS MAXIMUM"; created a digital recording from samples for Ellen Bartel's "Brenda meets Barbara" to help evoke some of the alienating effects of technology on human society, a frontiers 2002 long fringe participant.

September, 2001: "Repossession"; scored music and produced recording featuring strings, winds, horns and percussion for an Austin feature-length, independent film by Prometheus Films, Austin, TX.

August, 2001: "Midnight Playground"; composed and recorded a score for four new dances choreographed by Ellen Bartel at the Doughtery Arts Center, Austin, TX.

March, 2001: "John Brown's Body"; composed music used in Courtney Baron's Keen Americana, the first in a series of plays commissioned from The Keen Company at the Jose Quintero Theater, New York, NY.

January, 2001: "The Magical, Tragical, King Lear Puppet Show" by Allison DeFrees; music composition/chamber performance featuring live piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin and cello for a live puppet show. An Austin Frontera Fest 2001 Long-Fringe Festival participant.

April, 2000: "Will You Walk In The Park With Me?"; music composition/chamber performance featuring live piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet and percussion for a thirty member, outdoor dance piece by choreographer, Ellen Bartel and Company, Austin, TX.

May, 2000: "Sleeveless in Seattle"; composed music set to time-lapse video by Gary Hoover used in a documentary about the Seattle WTO Convention by Steve Price, Los Angeles, CA.

July, 2000: "Mad About Harry"; scored music and produced recording for a NY independent film by AMFILMS. Awarded as a Hollywood Film Festival, 2000 finalist.

June, 1999: "The Good Night"; music composition/recording of digital chamber music for NY play-write, Courtney Baron. Produced by the Columbia University School of the Arts, NY.

1997: "Red", collaborative performance trio and recording for Twenty-Two Records, Austin, TX. Noticed for exceptional quality by Sony Records, Universal Records and Mercury Records during SXSW'97.

Technical Experience:

IBM : 1999 - 2000 Austin, TX Customer Support for AIX RS/6000 A member of the Business Critical Team which is IBM's highest level of support. Helped to ensure a seamless response for mainframe hardware fixes on a national level for companies such as American Red Cross & Charles Schwab which must maintain an unconditional, 100% up time.


Tivoli Systems : 1996-1998 Austin, TX Production Specialist (Training and Education) Decreased quarterly material costs from $150,000 to $8000. Automated a 3-person production department for a single person. Was responsible for publishing, printing and distribution departments for all of Tivoli's training materials on an international level.


Motorola : 1995 Austin, TX Inventory Database Management Responsible for maintaining database of all purchases, receipts, stock and sales for all parts involved with the Ed Bluestein Plant Expansion.


Other : 1992-2000 Completed numerous short-term contracts for various types of clerical, assistant admin. and computer related positions including customer support, WIN/NT and MAC help desk, creative graphic layout and web design.

Other Stuff:

Appointed by the City of Austin Arts Commission to serve as a Mixed Arts Advisory Panelist, 2001.

Organized FlashDance, 6th and San Jacinto in Austin, 2005.

Interfaced a weekly open mike poetry performance reading on-line using live audio feed with VRML avatars in collaboration with the University of Texas Convergent Media Lab, 1999.

Built "Spam Fields", a generator to populate internet code with fake email addresses in an effort to thwart spam king resources, 2003.

Coached and refereed soccer for the West Austin Youth League, 1997-2000.

Threw-up Masala Dosa swimming in the Arabian Sea during a Monsoon, 2003.

Helped to map out previously uncharted rock formations on islands off of the coast of Maine for the US Geologic Survey, 1993.

Started to play the ukulele seriously at age 9.

Sustained a 5.0 earthquake, stayed in from smog at the request of officials and got beat up by a gang of six Bloods within three months of moving to Los Angeles, 1989.

Designed a personal sized, vending machine version of a biomed safety kit to protect oneself from chemical and biological warfare for ArtStart, Austin, TX. 2001.

Rode on top of a bus with chickens and luggage for 15 hours up a mud road through the rainforest of Guatemala during a rebel guerrilla uprising, 1992.

Created basic and machine language programs on the TRS80 and TI99/4A which were saved as audio signals on cassette tapes and wrote a BBS for an Apple II+, souped up with a 10meg hard drive and a 300 baud coupler modem to hack before the internet, 1979.



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