Opening Up Media

This audio is about how and why Rocketboom came to be. It did not come along for any business, or famo, it was designed to help usher in the democratization of the moving image.

The next piece will cover the first two years after launch. Rocketboom began in October 2004 and was released each weekday morning at 8 AM from New York City.



I last updated my portfolio 15years ago. Decided to spiffy it up for 2021. We’re almost there.

See Portfolio here: https://dembot.net/portfolio/

See also: https://drewbaron.com


My TedX Talk on Memes

There is great value in understanding the intrinsic qualities of an idea and the environment in which an idea spreads.


The Principal Post

I was so glad to finally tell my story about Humanwire to The Principal Post. If you are not familiar with their model, have a look, they are designed to give people a fair chance to tell their story. I can not tell you how excited I was to learn that such a group exists, the world needs this in a big way.



First University Blog

In 2003 I pitched the idea of publishing a blog to New School’s Parsons. “Ok.”, said Sven Travis. I invited Josh KinbergAlison Lewis and Frank-Yu Lin. We started posting on November 11, 2003. I believe it was the first university blog in the U.S. if not the world. It takes some effort but you can find all the posts via a.parons.edu/~juliaset and juliaset.com on the way back machine. See: Juliaset on the Wayback Machine


Twitter Down Art

10 Years later and we’re still waiting.

This twitter down message was served on July 11, 2019. Give me some headroom, that’s all there is right now.

See the original Twitter Down Art Collection from 2008 at https://dembot.net/twitter-down-art-collection/


The Butterfly Effect: 250 Humanwire Students Enter Public School

Today we celebrate the successful entrance of 250 Syrian students into the public school system in Lebanon. Humanwire’s brick-and-mortar Butterfly Effect in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon prepares children to enter school for the first time in their lives.

Continue reading The Butterfly Effect: 250 Humanwire Students Enter Public School


Humanwire: 2017 Quarterly Report: Tiger By The Tail

Humanwire Report, October 2017 by Andrew Baron. Almost a year old as a non-profit, here is a look at where we are today as a company, and our plans for the future. View video on Vimeo.


Facebook Further Limits Reach

Facebook has dramatically changed their algorithms over the last couple of weeks which affects reach. When someone signs up for our Humanwire page on Facebook, that’s a way of saying, “I want to see Humanwire posts”. But as you prob know by now, FB will not let that happen for the vast majority, and throttles … Continue reading Facebook Further Limits Reach


Humanwire’s Butterfly Effect Awarded $50,000

Today we are as excited as ever to announce that Humanwire’s brick-and-mortar Butterfly Effect Center for displaced children in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon has been awarded a $50,000 USD grant from the Royal China Round Table Foundation (RCRT) based in the United Kingdom. RCRT is a charity which originates and finances impactful projects around the world focused … Continue reading Humanwire’s Butterfly Effect Awarded $50,000